Tales from the Pantry and other Jam Sessions

Along time ago before ISO, there were two chooks who would free range the local pub scenes.

One was known as Henrietta. This afternoon she was hoping to lubricate her vocal chords and strut her stuff on the stage.
The other, Cordelia, loved to display her talents on the guitar. She was a mean plucker and picker with a plectrum.

Both smart chicks would always come early to the venue and set up their equipment.

This particular Sunday the talent scouts were out and the house was packed with music lovers and jammers.
The chicks did a quick sound check and then launched into a well -known country/blues song called “Chickens in the Barnyard” They were singin’ an pickin’ an’ the whole room were jiggin’ along.

Suddenly out of no -where, the sound equipment failed: but, the band, bein’ a roost of ole time troopers, kept a mimin’ a strummin’ and a drummin’.

The Sound guys tried a fiddlin’ and a pokin’ but still they could not get electrified. There were cries of it’s not “our” equipment, it’s not “our” fault, why don’t you check yours? Hey!

The two chicks muttered and apologized. They were not used to having their feathers ruffled. Wildly embarrassed they packed up their stuff and retired to the bar.

Moral of the Tale:

Hens should never leave home without extra batteries.

Signed: “Cookin”. Classes from the Pantry.

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