Drummers Lies


Hello fellow jammers,

Mr Hirsh here,

It has come to my attention that the Jammers news backroom copy boy, (thrice removed), has been struggling to find credible contributions due to the pressure of this wretched pandemic.

So to lighten the load, here is for your enjoyment are the top 20 lies that aspiring drummers may tell you, in an effort to get some urgent attention.

Top 20 Lies Told By Drummers

  1. I can play that
  2. Metronomes hurt your “Feel”
  3. I wasn’t fired; the producer just likes to work with his own people.
  4. The album/CD is doing really well
  5. I practice 5 hours per day
  6. I never practice
  7. I’m doing tons of sessions
  8. I played on the record, but I wasn’t credited
  9. I never play Top 40
  10. It’s not what you play, it’s what you don’t play that counts
  11. Your girlfriend/partner is really cool
  12. I’ll put you on the guest list
  13. Sure, I know that tune
  14. I’m really good friends with him
  15. He’s totally cool
  16. We are huge in Japan
  17. I recorded every track on the 1st take
  18. The drum sounds were amazing, but the engineer screwed up the mix
  19. He really likes my playing
  20. I’m gonna be in Modern Drummer next month

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