Huich Bar Ousso, and whatever happened to the Junk

And this received from our regular violinist, who has been getting out and about.

“I haven’t been doing too much jazz lately, I got slightly distracted by some other music to learn. I’ve been getting back into a bit of folk fiddling Irish, and old-time but the americaness of it makes me feel a bit of an outsider., more so than other music – maybe it’s because I attended this online music camp that is usually held in Florida and the Americans talk about it like one knows everything about America. Just trying to keep my fingers in action. It’ll be so good to play with people again, doing recordings really doesn’t cut it!

I was lucky enough to play at Bar Oussou on the eve of Stage 3 restrictions. Actually I went there to support my friends because by that time they were locking down individual suburbs and I thought that they would have a hard time getting an audience. Then they invited me to play with them and it was a really beautiful night. Here is a clip of what we did:

Please take care, and definitely will see you one day, it’s a question of when not if.”

Best wishes,


ps: I happened to go by the Junktion Hotel 2 days ago and the building has been sold! Unbelievable!

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