Down the bass rabbit hole with Ivan

Some samples from Ivan Sultanoff, regular jammer, occasional ski instructor. We have added some youtube url’s of each player – picked at random, but they are all addictive …

Just a few tips for bass players to look up, for instance for electric bass, look up on YouTube the following :

Scott’s bass lessons, deals with famous bass lines of various hotshot bass players, explains and shows bass lines in sections slow,up to speed , you can sign up.

John Patitucci- superb stuff on electric and upright bass, you can look up various clinics, I met John twice,had a good bass chat and was in one of his clinics in person and discovered he studied classical bass with my teacher I had at Guildhall School. …….

Christian Mc Bride- upright bass phenomenal playing, again lots of material on YouTube

Niels-Osted Pederson- Christian Mc Bride playing Bye Bye Blackbird , just go through the clips

Richard Bona- electric bass, this guy is an absolute comedian on bass in a good sense of word, his playing is just something, met him in person- nice guy, witty, funny bass nut…..

Joe Zawinul Syndicate is a groove orientated band with some serious keyboard and percussion stuff, he used Bona, Pastorius, Williams, Bailey etc as bass players, once you start going through all this you might be amazed at what you find.

Stanley Clarke-both upright and electric, wonderful stuff

MarcusMiller- slap bass – no need to comment, just find him and get upset how fantastic slapper he is.

Victor Wooten- the list goes on, good luck with all that.

If anyone wishes to communicate further , don’t hesitate —

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