Deep Breathing

More from Rose, on singing.This week: deep breathing


Find a quiet place where you can connect with your breathing.

Lying on your back feel the rise and fall of your breath – no manipulation, no control just awareness of breathing….exhale all the air in your lungs. When you take a full breath, the lungs are completely filled, feel the fullness all around the back area as well.


A vocalist must learn to strengthen the muscles of the back as well to maintain more control and be able to extend the notes when singing. Standing have the feet hip width apart and the pelvis slightly tilted in with shoulders back and chest out exhale all air and then inhale.

Remember your whole body is your instrument. Forced resonance will affect pitch and tone. Use the relaxation exercises to release tension created by physical and emotional stress, and to maximise vocal ability.

Dynamic Breath

Concentrate on feelings of inner energy, working through awareness of breath in the body. When doing the deep breathing it will release negative emotions such as anger, frustration and nervousness.

Deep breathing can be addictive! – Just try it.

All Love


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