The Jammers Bit: Have the Lunatics Taken Over the Asylum Yet?


After last week’s slackathon, which required me to write about six lines, more articles from the jammers – in addition to which, meself and the Captain have racked up around 40 responses to the emails we sent last week. If you haven’t checked your spam folder for a while, it could be in there.

So we have articles from:

Debbie Woodroffe: Deb’s Rant

Luis Chacon: Confessions of a Chartaholic

Jack Morris: A Career

Pete Micevski: What Day Is It?

‘Nuff said. Now that we have all stopped roaming the streets at night, something to amuse… read on! Better still, pick up a phone and talk to a fellow jammer – nobody is finding the second wave easy…

Festival and Jammers News:


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