Pete goes metaphysical…

Pete Micevski has been a bass stalwart and regular jammer for years, one of few who have carried their bat for a full session

What day is it? Are we still in 2020? … all I can say is wow, looks like we are headed into a new matrix (reality) after this Lock-Down ends, and I don’t mean that lightly, I say hold on folks, because this Lock-Down might just be the precursor of what’s to come. Crazy isn’t it?

How is everyone? I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Finally, musicians get that precious time needed to practice (there needs to be some positivity in this pandemic) and I’m sure you’re probably doing just that, and have been running those fingers, hands and tonsils a million miles an hour.

However, I’d like to share some things about music that may help you along your journey of development, a different spice….

Stop all that practising and playing … yes you heard me right stop. Have a break people, from music. Space and not playing anything is probably more important than consistently playing … life is the same, we need a break, this gives us that time to reflect. Music is the same, we need to reflect on what we’re playing and doing this in real time is probably the hardest thing of all, taking that break gives us time and space to discover the undiscovered.

Here is an exercise for the daring,

  • Week 1, don’t play your instrument for one week, don’t even think about it
  • Week 2, don’t play your instrument another week, this time only think about the various things you where working on or what you could work on
  • Week 3, get back to playing your instrument, observe and reflect on that feeling

Stop listening to all that jazz – when it come to music “the world is your oyster”. When you branch out to what you normally wouldn’t listen to, there is so much to discover. Closing yourself off from the world of music is not healthy, by expanding your music horizon you stand to expand your music vocabulary. Learning songs other than jazz helps us better discover our voices, as our voices are built through the notes we select to play.

So, stop playing start discovering and grow



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