Jack Morris: a career

“I started playing Trombone in a small village brass band in England called Ardley at the age of 14.

Jack the tonsil (2)

I was very keen to improve and practiced so hard that, by the age of 18, I was accepted into the Central Band of the Royal Air Force. I served for 5years, and during this time played at the Albert Hall and the Empress Hall on many occasions, Before the end of my service in 1953 I played in the RAF Band outside of the gates of Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Coronation.

I also played in a 20 piece Stan Kenton style Band in and around the London area.

On the return to my home town I played in a 5 piece Dance Band, a Town Brass Band and a small Symphony Orchestra.

I arrived in Sydney on the 25th July 1968 as an immigrant. During the 2 years there I played in Terry Eldon’s Big Band as 1st Trombone, and in a Night Club Band. I then moved to New Zealand in 1970 and joined the Manawatu Big Band and also formed the Ram Jam Big Band which was more Funk.

In 1977, I moved to Auckland to join the Royal Navy Band for a 5 year stint, and formed the Jack Morris Big Band and gigged around the North Island and at Jazz Festivals. At the same time I played with a trad group in and around Auckland. That Jack Morris Big Band is still active, having performed at many venues in the Auckland area.

I returned to Melbourne in 1995 and played with the Diamond Valley Big Band for some 2 years, also with The Let’s Dance Big Band, also the Musicians Club Big Band until I moved to Seaford near Frankston in 1997 and formed the Jack Morris Big Band and performed at the Mornington Peninsula and other Jazz Festivals, I relinquished my position as MD in 2007 and bequeathed the Band to one of the members.

Since that time I have moved up to Northcote residing in a Retirement Village and have played on occasions with Musical Ensembles, visited and played at the Jazz Jammers at some of their Venues. At the moment I am the MD for the Port Phillip Big Band.

There you are Ted, you have plenty of crap to go through, and I haven’t mentioned my singing.

Jack Morris

The summary version: Jack is a long time jammer, one of only three trombonists we have had in the last 12 years.He started playing trombone for the RAF during the Second World War. We won. He then played at the Coronation, which still went ahead, and with Stan Kenton, whose career survived. He moved to Sydney in 1968, about the same time the Australian Cricket team moved to England. England drew the series. He played in the Navy Band in New Zealand, but nothing sank, so he returned to Australia, eventually playing at jam sessions as the only Music Director we have ever had, so he must have been the worst…

At an age when he should know better, he is now Music Director of the Port Phillip Show Band (Captain Chaos on 3rd clarinet or something) which is a pretty hot outfit.

Throughout his long and varied career, he has rarely been complimented on his singing…

Go Jack!

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