The Vocal Chords

One of a series of articles on singing, from Ebony Rose


The vocal chords are two pearly white folds on either side of the larynx or voice box. These are usually described as vocal folds. When you are breathing they form two long sides of a triangular shape around the glottis through which the air reaches your lungs.


When you speak the muscles in your neck pull on the vocal chords and they move inwards almost touching the larynx. Air passes through and it vibrates on your vocal chords therefore making sound so we can understand each other! Or in this instance, sing. Singing, like talking, is a complex mechanism that we really do not even think about.


Vocalising higher pitch sounds involves the larynx muscles pulling on the chords to make a higher pitched sound. The sound vibrates at a higher frequency similar to the way a guitar plays a higher note when its strings are tightened during tuning.


To increase volume you need to speed up the pressure of air being released.


Not surprisingly, your voice reflects any energy, tension or nervousness.


In order to be a good Singer we need to control breath, communicate and relax! There is nothing between you and the audience…nothing to hide behind….the voice reveals all and the Singer must be able to comfortably express themselves and tell the story through emotion and feeling.


Stay tuned for RELAXATION…


All love Ebonyrose xx

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