Recording Tips For Vocalists…(Before Your Session)

Article by Mike Hirsh (Esq) who runs MCS Recording Studio



Having had experience as an ex full time touring player, session player (record companies) and full time studio engineer, I thought I might share some of my studio experiences.

These tips of course will differ for each musician depending on their experience and expertise and are purely for those who are about to book their session.

  1. Money: When people ring a studio they usually only ask about the price. If you are worried about money, don’t record as it’s always better to wait till you have more than you budgeted for.
  2. Lyrics: Most people want their recording/s to sound like the latest Sony release. Problem is, they don’t want to learn their lyrics. Seriously.
    Don’t ever think you can record a meaningful song whilst reading your lyrics from a piece of paper, phone or tablet. If you insist on this preposterous undertaking, you will never ever sound like a real pro and only end up insulting the listener, that’s if you can get one.
  3. The Mix: Never assume engineers can fix it in the mix. Yes, we can edit certain things, and have auto tune at the ready. However, wouldn’t you feel much better that you did a really good take of the vocals, eg; in tune, in tempo and from the heart?
  4. Rehearsing: Assuming you have rehearsed with your band or backing track, there is no such thing as being over rehearsed for a recording. Yes I know, for all you experts out there, one can be over rehearsed for a live performance, and for obvious reasons, like spontaneous audience combustion.
  5. The Recording Process: However, we are talking about the recording process and because there is no audience, it’s a totally different experience. If you take my advice, rehearse lots (and you will thank me for it later.) Get a good night’s sleep before the session, and please don’t forget to bring a copy of your lyrics for the engineer, his cat or dog. This cunning plan will save on recording time and consequently your money.

So that’s it, short and sweet. If I’ve missed any other points, consider yourself lucky. Next article: I might delve into the actual recording process, which I can assure you seems simple enough, but is in fact, quite complicated.

“May Your Efforts Achieve The Success They Deserve”. Max Abrams

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