The Other Jammers Bit: Folk Music and Guest Writers

This week, a report on the Newport Folk Festival, and a couple of articles from jammers. Hardly any jazz, but you didn’t want to read about that, did you?

The Newport Folk Festival.

No, read that bit again “Folk” not “Jazz”. Well, I rather liked it.

Previous newsletters have included links to the online streaming of the Newport Folk Festival which probably increased the viewing numbers by about three. The Festival was on Saturday and Sunday 27th/28th June. Obviously, a live event was not feasible, but the live streamed performances audience peaked at around 140. The Captain and meself attended a dinner at the Bowls Club, to watch on the big screen. I also watched a number of other performances over the weekend, and this is what I learnt…

  • Live Streaming is difficult to do well – and every the act got better as they settled in. Technical issues were almost non existent, but there was too much chatter/tuning of instruments that didn’t need tuning.
  • All the performers had made a real effort to tart up their living room/bedroom or whatever, some had had pets wandering about, , and almost all had a cheery little fire going, which didn’t set light to the credibility bookcase…
  • Folk music is at its best when it is personal, political and emotional.

The Newport Folk Festival was comprised of a diverse range of styles – country and western, Celtic trance, folk, and everything in between. There were gun guitarists (Jordan Brodie), neat vocal harmonies (Great Aunt), barefoot musos (hi, Mickey and Michelle) and my personal favourite – Robert K Champion singing stories about his life as a Gubrun, Kokatha and Mirning man now living and making music in Melbourne.

Props to Michael Stewart and his Folk Festival team – this was quite a challenge, well met.

… and that is it from me – the rest of the newsletter is written by Rose and Mike – a couple of keen jammers, and hopefully more to come.


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