The Jammers Bit: It is getting warmer; jammers in the wars

It is getting warmer. And closer, by all accounts. We have consistently (another first) been saying that we will look at re-starting the Jam Sessions when the room limit gets raised to 50. And if you could just stop catching random acts of covid19 that could be either fairly soon, or towards the end of July, or something else. That should cover it….somebody had better warn The Tower.

Jam Sessions: We will have some requirements and protocols in place. So far, we have talked about social distancing, and sanitising microphones, or asking singers to bring their own; as well as recording contact details (which we do anyway, but the venue management may handle this), and banning the playing of Little Sunflower

In the meantime, it looks as though the Captain and meself will be indulging in a re-run of the Challis Street fandango on June 27th, with honeyvoiced Aimee Everett on the tonsils. Assuming the cold, wind, rain, sleet, snow and general neglect and desertedness of the Challis Street shopping strip don’t get to us first…

The Newport Folk Festival. Online: 27th/28th June 2020

The Folk Festival is going to be streamed on line. Copy and paste the following url to get the livestream (only wait until it is active on 27th June). The Folk Festival is in, I think, its 15th year, the brain child of Michael Stewart; and paved the way for a Jazz Festival to follow. This year’s Folk Festival will be streamed live, and well worth a look – the featured musicians are the pick of the bunch. For more info click here.

Amongst the featured acts is Great Aunt, with Chelsea Allen on bass. Chelsea has supported the jazz jams over the years. Their debut CD was a stunner – 3.00pm on Saturday for their live stream.

Inverloch Jazz Festival:
The date in our coverage of upcoming Festivals was wrong, due to the extra 3b Reserve Copyboy’s habit of believing what he reads on the ‘net. In this instance, the internet is misleading, and we have had confirmation from the Inverloch committee. More information nearer the date.

The date for the 2021 Inverloch Jazz Festival has been changed to Friday, Saturday and Sunday 6, 7, 8 August 2021

Jammers Wars: Most jammers seem to be bearing up well under the strain of finding the time to do nothing all day. The Divine Miss Smith is still threatening the innocent with her crutch, Gilbert has been in hospital, but what is left of him is on the mend, if in need of a gentleman’s razor set. Chantelle Riordan has helpfully counted every day of lockdown (64 so far) in her Facebook posts, which have been entertaining. She writes a lot about her cat. John Calamatta has (finally!) moved house yet again. Seems he is in a constant state of downsizing, and at this rate will be taking over half the Altona West Combination Bus Shelter and Gospel Hall any day now. He is not practicing his sax much, but let’s be honest, he doesn’t need to. And Captain Chaos is champing at the bit. Why are we not surprised?


instagram: newport_jazz_festival_2021

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