Recordings, Jam Sessions (not)..

Recordings first . Busy lot, innit?

GandT Jazz, bandcamp release

Those of you with long memories may remember Tina and Gill at the Leinster. Come a long way.

Leena Salim

Have a listen to an energetic singer tackling home recording, and probably reducing her bass player, keyboard player and guitarist to quivering heaps in the process. Really should get out more!

Leena has heaps more on Youtube – search “Leena Salim”


Castlemaine Jam Session on hold…

This post from Ken Turnbull’s Facebook page. John Hannah and his crew do a great job on this monthly Jam, with Mike Hirsh, Alan Richards, Brian and Annie Smith amongst the regulars and we will post any update.

Dear friends of Castlemaine Jazz Jam,

After discussion with the Maurocco Bar proprietors, it has been decided to suspend the jazz jam for the rest of 202

Many jazz fans are in the high-risk group, and we feel it is best to wait until a second wave of Covid-19 has been ruled out.

The aim is to start again in January 2021, but we’ll keep you posted if things change.

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