Newport Festival Aust Cancelled


Advice to all Bandleaders and registered Musicians

Newport Jazz Festival deferred to 1st/2nd May 2021

Corona Virus: The expert advice (1) that we have received is that current modelling shows infection rates climbing rapidly, and then starting to decline around August. For quite some time after August, there is now a real risk that tickets will not be purchased by people worried by the coronavirus situation.

The Financial model for the Festival is based upon all registered musicians receiving an equal share of profit from the Festival. If the Festival does not make a profit, then musicians do not get reimbursed. (2) We think that it is in your best interest as a musician, to defer the Festival until after things have settled down.

Venues: We have discussed this situation with the venue managers (3) . They are making their premises available either free (The Newport Bowls Club and the RSL), or at a reduced rental rate – their profit from food and beverage sales relies on sufficient numbers of people attending the Festival.

It would not be possible to hold the Festival during the Bowls season (September to April)

Choices for registered musicians:

If you have already registered and paid the $25 registration fee

Do nothing: we will hold your registration for the 2021 Festival date


Request a refund: We will process these as quickly as possible. You would need to re-register for the 2021 Festival in due course. This option costs the Festival organisers approximately 75c per refund.

If you have not registered yet and paid no fee. Hold your registration until the due date in March 2021.

If you have purchased a ticket or partner ticket: let us know if you would like a refund:

We will refund all Partner tickets now or hold until new Festival date. It is likely that ticket costs will increase for 2021, but tickets already purchased and not used until 2021 will be valid without any extra cost.

(1) Andrew Fuller, head of Infectious Diseases Unit at Alfred Hospital
(2) The 2020 Financial model was based on a projected reimbursement of $76 each plus $25 registration fee repaid. This assumed 500 tickets sold.
(3) Newport Bowls Club, Newport RSL, Newport Scouts, Newport Community Hub and Library

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