The Questionnaire

We ended up with 69 respondents. Thank you! The answers we got would have been quite beyond our expectations; if we had any.

How long have you been coming to the jams?

72.5% said they had been coming to jams for more than a year. Of course, those who have only been once or twice would be less likely to respond, but we have counted over 130 different musos in the last year.

How often do you come to a jam session:

17.2% said every week. We know who you are…

31.9% said at least once a month: we should know who you are…

50.7% said less than once a month – so maybe the once or twicers have responded…

Which leaves 0.2% of 69 respondents unaccounted for. Thank you Google.

What time do you normally get to a jam session?

18 said before or at 4.00pm

17 said before or at 5.00pm

6 said before or at 6.00pm

The answers were pretty widely distributed, but the sessions peak at 5.15 – 5.30 (we know this from the muso list that we have been keeping) and several people consistently arrived after 6.00pm

If the jam ran from 2.00pm to 6.00pm, what time would you get there?

Turns out there was a pretty even response from 2.00pm to 4.30pm. With one “probably not go” and one “no idea”

There is nothing tying the start time to the Post Hotel – we could agree a 2.00pm start at any venue, but it does not, at this stage, have majority support. Should we revisit this question later?.

Would you still come a Jam session if it was somewhere else?

76.8% said yes, 23.2% said not sure, and no-one said “no”

This response really surprised us. Can it be interpreted as – coming to a jam session is a priority, the venue is not.?

Is there another venue (consider hotel, RSL, Bowls Club etc.) you could suggest

There were 43 responses to this. 25 possible venues were mentioned. There were two votes for the Post Hotel, (“The Post is brilliant, best venue we’ve ever had.”) and even one for the Leinster Arms. A number of RSL’s and Bowls Clubs got ticks, and The Tower Hotel got two votes, not all of them from Jane…

We still have some venues to investigate, hence the four week trial rather than just settling for The Tower Hotel. It is remotely possible that The Post could ask us back – there was only one negative comment about the Post, so this might be a popular option.

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