The Newport Jazz Festival 2 & 3 May 2020


8+ weeks to go!

The Band registrations are closed, thank goodness. Now we need to issue the preliminary list of accepted bands, and get the musicians to register by 27th March.

More Venues! A bit to our surprise, the Newport Community Hub people had provisionally reserved more times for the two rooms we are using, as well as keeping the Mechanics Hall available for us. Whoop Whoop.

The Captain has been busy setting up the first draft of the playing schedule – details should be out soon. Can he accommodate all the bands that have registered? Nearly – watch this space (or log onto the website which has more details.)

The Committee: Susie is busy on posters, Deb will have the minutes of the last meeting up any day now, we have contacted APRA about their fee for the Festival (don’t laugh, there will be some APRA members amongst the registered musos), and should get the insurance proposal any day now.

Facebook/Whats App/Twitter: Facebook site up and running, thanks to the Bowls Club boys. Susie has Instagram up and running. First post: the Poster!

The Website Being progressively updated with information on the bands that are playing. Featured this week Visionary Steel (local band, extremely and exotically moderne) and The Slipdixies (trad band, washboard, banjo, sousaphone and everything in between)

Check out the website (updated) , like it on your Facebook page

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