Newport Jazz Festival News

The Newport Jazz Festival May 2nd and May3rd, 2020

9 weeks to go!

The Band registrations are closed, thank goodness. Now we need to issue the preliminary list of accepted bands, and get the musicians to register by 27th March.

Venues; The Captain has had a good week – wrangling Estate Agent sized advertising signs at the Bowls Club, trying, and failing to get Leroys on board, and ending up with a fairly buzzing contact from the Victorian Jazz Club putting us in touch with more FM radio stations and holding out the promise of some further financial assistance, which may mean we might be able to solve some of our venue shortage problem. Now count the ifs, buts and maybes etc in that last sentence.

The Committee: Met again this week, and held a short notice AGM to get Consumer Affairs happy and back in their cot. Positive news all round, we are still solvent and on track; and we all got to the jam in time afterwards…

Facebook/Whats App/Twitter: Facebook site up and running, thanks to the Bowls Club boys. Instagram will be live this week.

The Website Not much movement this week – although we have updated the band registration page, and added more band details as they come to hand.

Check out the website (updated) , like it on your Facebook page

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