The Newport Jazz Festival May 2nd and May3rd, 2020


Website: It is lurching down the slipway as we speak. There will be ongoing edits of this as the information is updated.

Band Bookings: Col has resumed sending out info to selected bands. Bands are starting to get interested, and we have even received several (uninvited) submissions, so word must be getting around.

Venues: We are booking two rooms at the Library/Newport Community Hub, two rooms at the Bowls Club, the Scout Hall next to the Bowls Club, and the RSL next to that (all on Market Street, Newport, and a drop punt from two big carparks.

Bands: We now have capacity for up to 53 bands – more than we originally envisaged.


  1. Hi, Ted, could you please withdraw my registration for the Cheap Frills band – apart from Col not being able to do it, the guitar player Brian Paulusz is selling his home and will be packing and /or moving at that time. Also my other band has similar problems … thanks, jaz.


    1. Jaz
      Will do – I will forward your email to Col. Sorry you can’t do it, but quite understand – it is always hard being the one putting bands together! Hopefully we will manage to continue the Festival next year, and of course we will let you know.
      Enjoyed playing piano for you at Castlemaine last Sunday – the write up is at and I think I spelt your name wrong, again.



    1. Good question! Yes, we have discussed a response to this, and pending specialist advice, will be sending out an email to registered musicians and band leaders within the next week.

      Thereafter, we will update via the Festival section of the Jammers Newsletter.


      Ted Woollan
      For Melbourne Jazz Jammers


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