Seems Like…Groundhog Day

– and are we doomed to repeat the same old shenanigans? Natch!. As if the sound set-up wasn’t complicated enough, it was totally and comprehensively cocked upwards by the time we started last Sunday. Simplicity compromised by the careful/careless removal of one cable. The power cable. Not that it mattered – no one quite knew which lead went where and what to do with it went it got there.

Which it didn’t, (get there, I mean – pay attention at the back.) For a while, we had no proper foldback, no sound to the courtyard or to the other side of the bar. Strangely, the occasional trio set up worked rather well…

By the end of a lively session, the Captain de Chaos opined that it had been a busy one all round. Even though we only had 24 musos get up on the day. It felt like more – possibly because by 5.00pm, the bar was the fullest we have ever seen it. Whoo Hoo!

So… we kicked off, carefree, or careless, whichever floats your boat, with a trio of songs from Yuko, and some instrumentals from Alan, Jeff and the Captain, including Alan’s original Josephine. Just a spiffin’ warm up, really.

Then the rhythm section (Steve B, Stan the Man and meself) settled to its task, and lifted its game with Ben Hooper on keys, and the long time no see Mihoko (saxophone). Carol and Jane threw in some (possibly Diana Krall influenced) ballads, the saxes continued to jump in, then the Debster sang the best set she has in ages. By which time, Ashley (60 and a bit) had crooned and departed. Then Darlene (D’Adelaide) wandered in on a whim, and scorched through a set, Devon d’Bar sang for the first time (Spooky, not bad at all) and Deborah discovered that not all songs are created equal. Vladimiro (it’s Italian for Vladimir) played harp. And I discovered that playing the melody for the singer on Desafinado, in a key other than the default Bb is, err…, theoretically straightforward. Or to put it another way, almost impossible.

Ah well, onward and upward, as the actress said to the… but I digress. Nelson took over bass duties, Agus sat in on keys and then a great duet between the Debster and Darlene – Autumn Leaves as it often does. Chantelle got up and sang – a bit wayward at first, but then good, followed by a gratifyingly neat session on drums. And Moondance for an all-in finale, with 10 musos getting up and creating a racket which could be variously described as appalling, miraculous,or just good. Just…

Props to first time tonsil artistes, Devon, Deborah and Darlene. Welcome back to Agus, Ben and Mihoko. I haven’t mentioned Mr Hirsh, esq, – or his recording studio.

We pulled stumps at near on 8.00pm. A good afternoon’s entertainment, but never mind, we can always cock it up next time.

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