Madge and Hortense, the Festival, and then…

Madge and Hortense: Another Load of Codswallop

I was talking to Madge from Altona the other day. Well, not so much talking as communing with nature whilst Madge eyeballed the seagulls. They tend to drop in on Refinery Terrace en route from the municipal tip to the fish and chip shop, perpetually hungry and squawking a lot.

Speaking of Hortense, she has taken to wearing a spectacular Philipino straw boater and a stupefied grin.. Quite where she got them remains a mystery, but the words startled, matelot and fishin’ spring to mind. Cods have been walloped all over Altona West ever since. So… neither Madge nor Hortense were at the Jam Session last week. Seems St Kilda is a bit too posh these days, and anyway, Hortense is no longer in the business…

Which left a desultory collection at The Post of four musos at 4.00pm sharp, By recently established tradition , this was a good 15 minutes before we started. Would anyone turn up? Seems they would and by evening we had 25 musos up and jumping. Rather satisfying, as almost all of them were more than passably tuneful.

Highlights of the day included a welcome return by pianist Adrian, no less than seven saxophonists, but they mostly kept themselves nice. Alan West’s Josephine is becoming a bit of a favourite, and nobody knows why. The two bassists, Dave and Ivan both played rather well. Dave grows more irascibly eccentric as his bass lines develop, and Ivan is back to his jazz best, after a spell under the weather.

Tonsil artistes included Kay, Jane, Yuko, Brian, the Debster and Carol, with Gilbert to finish. Jane, ever the Krall aficionado, essayed I Love Being Here with You to good effect, followed by Yuko’s take on My Funny Valentine, with Guy on tpt. The evening concluded with a rousing version of Mustang Sally, led by Gilbert, with Yuko on bv’s and a fullish complement of Saxophoneurs, still keeping them selves nice. The Captain spun it out to 8.05

Spiffin’.sesh after all.

The Next Jam

The Post Hotel, corner of St Kilda Road and Inkerman, next Sunday 22nd September 4.00pm start. Should be funthere will be prizes!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it The Newport Jazz Fest?

The latter, quite possibly. Another busy week cruising the western burbs looking for more venues, and angst among the committee on a name that cannot be confused with the Rhode Island Newport Jazz Festival.

The Date: Hold the Festival at Newport on May 2nd, May 3rd 2020: confirmed

The Venues Use 5, maybe 6 venues including the Newport Library/.Community Centre, The Newport Bowls Club, the Newport RSL, confirmed, the Scout Hall (still a maybe) Now looking at the Hotel and Leroy’s coffee shop.

The Bands: Book 40 – 50 bands who are prepared to volunteer their services in return for an equal share of any surplus made. Cynics may feel that making a loss would cut out a lot of paperwork, but we wouldn’t think like that, would we?

The Web Site Jess (the singer ) is preparing a red hot web site. We are proposing to transfer the Newsletter and such recipients as are interested to the website.

The Facebook page: this is the Melbourne Jazz Jammers Facebook page, which is so old it almost predates Mark Zuckerberg (I wish somebody would). It has undergone a major spring clean and will soon feature more dodgy videos of the Jam Sessions, starring err… you?

Check it out on

The Committee remains keen, the venues are keen, the Council is keen. What could possibly go wrong?

Stay tuned to find out!

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