The Melbourne Jazz Jammers were looking for a new venue…

And we might have found it.

Many thanks to all the Jammers who put up suggestions for the Captain to look at. We didn’t look at all of them, (it took two days to see the following), but almost all were keen to have the Jammers. And why wouldn’t you be? Don’t answer that…

The Rising Sun, South Melbourne: they were keen, we were keen, the rock band downstairs were too noisy.

The Emerald: South Melbourne. Due to contact them again next week – great ambience, but a bit of a long shot as they have an established jazz programme on Sundays. Back to Friday., anyone?

The Beehive, Kew: Neato pub, good parking, on a tram line. The Manager was keen, but still needs to put it past head office. Catrin, we are waiting…

Central Club, Richmond. Nice manager, but black decor more suited to heavy metal, big cavern of a place. Are you serious?

King of Tonga Bar, Elwood: No, you are not serious. Great little bar , but way too small…Hortense does need enough space to swing her cat when she comes.

The Water Rat, South Melbourne. Great upstairs space, some parking, established music on Thursdays, serves a good beer, parking so-so.. Met the new manager, who seemed really keen, will let you know next week …

East Malvern RSL. You need a cut lunch to get there, and another one to walk from one end of the building to the other. Helpful staff, but probably too far out of town.

The Plough, Footscray. Too far out, although we did discuss its proximity to Werribee – here’s looking at you Laurie!

The Post Hotel, (or Post Office Club Hotel) – St Kilda. The only one to suggest putting the jammers in the main bar at the front. Budvar on tap, good food, storage upstairs, on a tram line, parking nearby, separate room for bagpipes etc., Mike the landlord is keen…

We are going to give this one a go for a four week trial starting on Sunday 21st April

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