Sunday Jazz at The Royal Standard, Carruthers notices it is a bit quiet…

Second session at the Royal Standard, the Captain is a bit crook and all that bumping in and out to do… and it did seem a little quiet, as Carruthers has noted many times before …

Jammers Happy – at the Royal Standard playing As Time Goes By

Still, we got things up and running on time, all except the microphone which joined us a bit later. Quite why anyone would have a switch on a microphone is beyond my limited comprehension. Certainly made life hard for Miss Jane, who later sang up a storm anyway.

Good new drummer, Michael, warmed to the task after taking over from Russell the Reliable, then Bill as immaculate as ever. Jeff more or less had the saxophone department to himself, and ran duly amok, as you do.

An afternoon then rescued by Nurul, who sang remarkably well for someone who has only had kids to scream at for the last few months. Dave Taylor majestic on double bass, the Nicknameless Other Dave drove it along nicely in between times.

And as the evening wore on (and it did wear a bit at times) Huich came to the fore, given an opportunity to call the tunes and fiddle away, with Yuseke on guitar as able back up. Great little interlude towards the end of the evening.

The lowest turnout (13 musos having fun) since the Leinster Arms days – we need to settle to a new venue…

This coming Sunday will be our last at the Royal Standard for a while, notwithstanding its easy parking, central location, ace food and a really nice Little Creatures on tap. The jammers are then moving to the Post Hotel on the corner of Inkerman and St Kilda Road in sunny downtown St Kilda. More below.

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