Sunday Jazz at The Royal Standard, it worked a bit good

Got to the set-up early-ish, to find The Captain and Jane bolting the drum kit together. All more or less done before the troops arrived, although we failed to get the sound check set-up before the saxophones started warming up. Alan Richards turned up in time to re-assemble the drum kit, thereby rendering it playable.

The new/old venue proved a good one – a bit noisy and hard to balance, but the smarter musos adjusted to that quickly, using the alarming (to some) strategy of playing quieter.

Friday 22nd March saw the biggest number of hits on the website for any day in the last two years. And 19 musos fronted, singers and saxes winning the day, but rather more delicate interventions from Laurie, the Captain, Huich (violin) and Gene (guitar) in particular.

Dave Taylor added more than a touch of class on double bass, working well with Alan. Probably explains the standard of music which climbed a notch or three as the arvo wore on.

Geoff (piano) played his longest session yet. Whoo hoo!

We are continuing to check out the places suggested by various jammers, but are we happy with the Royal S so far…? Proving to be a good stopgap venue, Frank was well pleased, parking is a doddle, and a turnout bigger than we had dared hope. Roll on!

See ya this Sunday?

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