Last week’s Jam: Strangely better.. whoo hoo!

Mixed metaphor week, and the rump goes out for lunch…

Where to start? Well, the QFest Committee quorum started with lunch and a bit of a meeting. Plans for a Festival (November 2nd/November 3rd) are gradually taking shape. The Good Captain has started contacting the first tranche of bands – no names no pack drill at present, but more than a couple of good bands have expressed interest. More later…

We ended lunch with a guided tour of QPO (it’s just up High Street) and a discussion of how we might grow in 2020. Their manager Tony Harika was certainly interested.

Surprise and Sound check.. Back to the Junk and a smooth set-up with sound checks completed and then the 20+ musos set to. Surprise appearance from Ray “the original Lounge Lizard” Hood. He ‘s been called that for so long we can’t remember why. He and his singer Annique Azure had come down for a “major tour of South East Australia” – with only one venue listed on the tee shirt. Damn, they were good!

Adolphe’s infernal contraption and a newcomer: Not to be outdone, Jeff, the Captain, Laurie, young Clark and later on Keef played some fine saxophone through the arvo, newcomer Rowena (good voice!) got up and sang against her better judgement, but with a little bit of persuasion from her friend, and moi.

Jugs: Roy and his offsider Evan played “My Canary’s Got Circles Under His Eyes”, a tune I hadn’t heard for 25 years (we played rubbish back then, still do occasionally) and other jug band numbahs on guitar and resonator mandolin. Fun stuff. Miss Jane and Miss Carol brought proceedings back to an even keel, with some gentle wanders through the jazz genre, then the late, frazzled, not frazzled, slightly laid back and/or incredibly stylish Annie produced a great take on Lennon’ s Imagine, with guitar and flute solos from the aforementioned Hood and Annique.

Drum ‘N Bass By this stage, Pete (bass) was starting to wilt – he played all arvo and played really well… again.Ditto drummers Russell, Alan and Andre.

Tits: Trevor (whereyabeengreat to see you) closed out with Jane on Stormy Monday. Just an excuse for everyone to join in, blow the tits off the proverbials, and then we all went home, strangely better. Whoo Hoo!

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