A Smallish Affair

Sunday broke warm and smooth – not much prospect of many peeps fronting for the Jam – but when we got there, young Roger the Clark was propping up the wall, the Captain was leaping from his chariot and the cleaner was, sensibly, refusing to let the ruffians in…

In no time at all, Dodgy Dave turned up and the usual crew set to. Kickoff was marginally delayed whilst the ump found a coin, and then it was on for young and old, but only if you count anyone under the age of 60 as young…

The Captain, fearing an outbreak of normality, decided the equipment layout should be reversed. Much to everyone’s astonishment, this seemed to work rather well – certainly the sound was much clearer, and unless everyone was playing better than usual, which you would have to doubt, this could become a regular thing.

Jazz anyone? Yes, we did play a bit – mainly of this but with a lick of that thrown in for good measure. Malcolm turned up early, and announced he had to leave soon, so we got him on, asap, Laurie, the Captain, Calamatta and the aforementioned somewhat sprightly Roger the C contributed the saxophological twiddly bits, whilst Russell, Alan and Salah hit things in the background, to good effect. Neil played, beautifully, all afternoon; Pete and Dan alternating on bass. Singers Jane, Kevin and Carol leavened the bread.

Highlights of the day included a somewhat nervous Judy getting up to sing for the first time. Didn’t see any nerves once she hit the mic. All seemed pretty good to the rest of us – Summertime , recorded by E. Fitzgerald in 1956; and At Last. (Etta James, released 1960) Hope she comes again.

Trainwreck of the day! I have been building up to this one for a long time, and now officially receive the accolades of an adoring public, or maybe just a tone deaf parrot with tinnitus , for comprehensively cocking up Nicas Dream, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers – (1956) aided and abetted by Calamatta (the Captain claimed he was playing in another key), aged tyro Dan MacLachlan (bass), and young Alan Richards on the drums. A complete disaster from start to finish, according to Captain Chaos, and he should know…

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