Breaking News: Not many lunatics at the Junk this week

According to the Captain… a very quiet session -possibly due to a very hot day last Sunday (41 deg C at 4.00pm). Malcolm the only keyboard player. Jeff, Will and the Captain on Saxophones, Salah, Steve and John Perry on Drums. Samara, Jane, Anne and Miriam (from Norway) vocalised. Pete on Bass and Vlad, Brian Paulusz and Neil on guitars.

Actually, that seems like a pretty good line–up to me. Brian Paulusz doesn’t come to the jams much but used to be a regular. Much improved going by his smooth session with Janet Arndt at the Ballarat AJC.

Samara used to sing in a duo, and is getting back into it. First time at a jam session.

Miriam from Norway is continuing the recent run of overseas contributors. One wonders where they hear of the Jam sessions from. We have had readers from 25 different countries in 2018.

Only the truly dedicated lunatics would front for a jam in 41 deg.c, and this session was a marvellous opportunity to find out who they were. I stayed home…. and missed this week’s highlight: Little Sunflower. I find the that a little hard to believe, but clearly John Perri’s latin drumming lifts even the most repetitive of tunes to a new level.

A mixed week of news, what with Wang, Port Fairy, and a quiet(ish) jam session. See ya soon.
not your (un)usual correspondent with assistance from the inimitable TW

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