As the appointed hour for last Sunday’s Jam session rolled around, I couldn’t help noticing that I wasn’t in Kew. I also couldn’t help noticing that it was colder than a witches wotsit.

There may well have been a jam session last Sunday, just not within earshot., seeing I was in the cold (very cold) heart of Devizes. I am not quite sure where that is either because I keep forgetting to ask when stumbling out of a pub. Or three.

I, and your good self, are both left to speculate on the Good Captain’s glowing description of the day’s proceedings. Which hasn’t yet arrived. And you may fill in the following all purpose emergency template © . This should be e-mailed to melbournejazzjammers as soon as possible.

The Session was: (delete as applicable)
· loud,
· quiet but confident
· spectacular,
· non existent,

The audience
· would have loved it
· There was no audience
· Somewhere in between

The rhythm section
· carried the day
· carried the drinks
· there was no rhythm section
· there was stuff all rhythm

The saxophones
· were all remarkably quiet, I couldn’t hear them from Wiltshire…. maybe the wind was in the wrong direction. Lift yer game, Lads!
· They never played a wrong note
· They never played a right note
· They played bebop all day
· all of the above, depending on who you talk to.

The session started
· late
· slightly late
· slightly later still
· just before Annie got there

and finished much, much later, when Captain Chaos ran out of notes…

© Jammers newsletter World Headquarters Bendigo Towers, the legal department.

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