The First Jam Session of 2019…

… was a blast, with 27 musos getting up, and over 50 peeps in the room. We never really know if anyone is going to turn up for the first session of the year, but if this sets the tone for the next few sessions, we are in for a busy one.


The Captain and Laurie

Amongst the highlights..

Drummers: Steve Bray, Salah, Andre, Mike Hirsh, John Perri, Dave from Indonesia and gawd knows who else. The most drummers we have ever had at a jam session


Mr Hirsh esq., played beautifully, bitched about the sound quality

Singers: The Debster, Nancy (new comer), Jane, Carol, hell, they were all good… and Brigid De Neefe to cap it all off.


Bassists: Pete, Anton, Kip, Bunter, Dan McLachlan, Dave. Yup…

Saxopholists: The Captain to kick off, then Jeff Harris in good form – Don’t Get Around Much Any more, Laurie Savage a blast on When Sunny Gets Blue

Piano: Meself, Malcolm turned up just as I was getting exhausted, then Lisette. What a refined bunch…

Geetar: Neil, Fermin and Dan’s offsider whose name I didn’t get, newcomer Yusuk every bit as good as the regulars.

Sound: started a bit scratchy and didn’t seem to get any better. Too loud and unbalanced. Back to the drawing board. Mike H (secret sound engineer by day time) suggested some drapes might make it a bit more controllable. Put the idea to Dodgy Dave (who, by the way, had a great afternoon) who will put it past his wife, Mrs Dodgy Dave. We listen, mike!


Susie and Anton

In conclusion: Good start to the year!: every man and his dog turned up – and stayed. Props to POCKOTL, Rod and Bette, Susie, and all the others in the audience. We put more effort than usual into advertising (Melband), promoting (Facebook and the Newsletter) and cajoling (telephone, mainly). It was a fun and busy afternoon, ending with the Debster scraping Captain Chaos off the ceiling so we could conduct a Committee meeting for the upcoming mini Festival (I think we have settled on 7th and 8th of December 2019 ) – put it in your diary and start thinking of excuses so you don’t have to volunteer…


Rose (sing next time please) and the Debster (sing anytime please)

With stuff like that going on, ya wouldn’t be dead for quids…


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