Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: A quiet session?

Well, not really. After some opening numbers by Messrs. Geoff,
Captain Chaos, and Curtis, and a welcome appearance by Mr
Stringer (drums), the afternoon followed its usual trajectory. It always
had the look of a quiet afternoon, lacking bass player and singers for
quite a while.
Nevertheless, a pleasant cacophony for a while. Volker played a
couple (sax) as did Geoff – who could have played more piano but
elected to leave. The customary hand grenade, mainly in the form of
an overly loud drummer, occasional guitarist Mr Ryan, Mr Harris and
the Captain himself contrived to make it sufficiently rowdy for a while,
with the unfortunate departure of the few audience members who
had turned up.
We were left with a total of 15 people in the room, all of them sat as
far from the music as they could get. Salah and Russell had to leave
after waiting a while .Of course, no one is expected to learn from the
experience, as they were, in the main, having too much fun.

The Captain, Peter Ryan and Volker – a quiet little drink

Kevin in fine voice

Bill Swannie (drums) Never missed a beat

Ben Stewart – Cool jazz guitar

What went well? You may well ask, always assuming you are reading
the newsletter, and in the habit of asking yourself rhetorical
questions… Pony Tail Pete had a good afternoon, playing solid bass,
with a coupla good solos thrown in. Kevin, looking and sounding
better than he has for a while, sang impressively – Georgia a highlight
with some fine piano from Malcolm.. Keef warmed up and was the
pick of the saxophones – we managed to stuff Daahoud for a couple
of choruses, but made sense of it in the end. First time Keef had
played it, and to think we were following him! Ben Stewart was a late
arrival, playing some gentle guitar with Bill Swannie on drums and
PTP on bass then sensibly ducked the solo on Daahoud

Pony Tail Pete looking chill

I had left before Mistress Smith had settled and sung. 

This was the smallest turnout we have had since starting at the Junk

  • and we must hope for rather better next week.
  • Featured Singer for December 9th
    The always entertaining, occasionally fabulous Mistress Smith! We
    have saved the best for last: singing up a storm next Sunday, and I
    am rather looking forward to this one. Silly hats optional.
The occasionally fabulous Mistress Smith
  • Pre Christmas Bash: Sunday 16th December
  • We have set the date for 16th December, with a start time of 3.00pm. For those that want to, we suggest we stop for a meal at 6.00pm or thereabouts –
  • negotiations are being held with the production staff –
  • Costume Director: Annie Smith
  • Reindeer Wrangler: Jack Morris
  • Marketing and Promotion: You
  • The Bash has always been a chance for new, old, decrepit and lapsed jammers to get together and sneer at the current crop. As you love a bit of scurrilous gossip (who doesn’t?) this is a great opportunity to get on the bandwagon, meet old friends, possibly wish you hadn’t, and if so inclined, blow the tits off yer fave toon or three.
  • Be there!

Next Jam, this Sunday 9th December, 4.00pm start,
The Junktion Hotel, 99 High Street, South Kew – the Hotel is on the
corner of Kew Junction. Public parking is available on Studley Park
Road, or behind the Mercedes dealer/behind the High Street Shops
off Fenton Street from High St, Kew.

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