Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel:

The full crew were back from Wang, and the Jam sessions reverted to their usual format of a few instrumentals, then a featured singer as the room began to fill.

AT which point Captain Chaos brought on Julie Stewart who started out with some smooth songs only to be displaced by the next singer midway through her set. By this time there were already three other singers in the room, with the Captain pleading ignorance due to a missing “click here” on the Newsletter e-mail.

You can, if addicted to such drivel, access the Newsletter for the week by typing instead. This is more or less foolproof, except maybe for the saxophonists.

After a lively interlude by singer Katerina Myskova, solo of the week came from Laurie Savage, on Summertime, We restored Miss Stewart for the remainder of her set, which went remarkably well, with singers Jane, and Carol to follow.

We then had a flautist, name unknown, drowned out by more soloists, but contributed to some sophistication to proceedings, the room stayed lively for quite a while.

Whilst the only other pianist in the room had to depart early to deliver forgotten house keys to his better half in Lorne – Gentleman John Curtis thereby leaving meself in the lurch breakwise. Neil played pretty much without a break as well.

Malcolm came in the nick of time to take over keys, only having to contend with Mr Hirsh way too loud on drums. I did suggest he might play a little quieter – he can be one of the most accomplished drummers after all, but I don’t think he could hear me. Signor Perri took over… aah!

Huich (violin) and the Late Miss Smith got in some late contributions to general ballad mangling, Fermin turned up late from some function or other, and a good time was had by all.

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