Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel

No one played a bum note all afternoon, the Bistro was its usual busy self, the sun shone, we all had a good time…

Probably, I wouldn’t know, I was away. Calamatta put in a half hearted effort, turning round about halfway there.

All of this made possible by the fact that there was no jam session, what with the Captain leading the Wangaratta mob, and me transporting the PA to Portland and back for a fine wedding on a farm in Narrawong.

We’ll be back with a vengeance this Sunday, with Bolivian nose floots, bagpipes and a rough assemblage of soxollip hones, Geetars, drums, pianolistic keynotes, tall tales and true and quite possibly a bass player or two.

Should be rather fun…

Correspondence received from Bendigo Towers…


The Bendigo Towers (*) Legal Department have requested the following be brought to the attention of jammers.

This article may be copyright as we cannot remember who we pinched it from. Please feel free to copy it and publish it under your own name as we would rather they sued you than us.

This article may contain facts. We do not warranty any of these facts to be true. If you are allergic to facts, or indeed, in any way gullible, please stop reading this immediately. You may wish to apply for a position with the Herald Sun.

If you thought you were at the Jam Session, and we have not mentioned you it is either because there was no jam session, or you are so young, talented, and good looking that words fail us; or we forgot. Your choice.

(*) Bendigo Towers, is, as many would know, the World Headquarters of the Melbourne Jazz Jammers Newsletter, manned exclusively by the ‘steemed Ed and extra 3b reserve copy boy, neither of whom has anything better to do. On a good day. Possibly fictional.

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