Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: The B Team smashes it

The Set Up: By the time I got there, Fermin and Neil had the set-up well in hand. We all waited with bated breath to see if a drummer would turn up and set up the drum kit, but alas Salah managed to darken the door about 15 seconds too late.

The record: What followed was a classic B team effort – that is, sixteen musos had a lot of fun, and broke our all-time record for most musos playing together – 12 at one stage, and they sounded damn good. Not many people in the audience for quite a while, and in the absence of the Halls Gap crew, we played, umm, about two instrumentals all afternoon, and had a ball, with tonsil artistes Jane, Ashley, Debbie and Carol all getting more singing time than usual. (16)


Singers Carol, Jane and Ashley

Musos Props to Salah, Ashley and newcomer Russell Stringer for some immaculate drumming, Julian for nearly blowing up his amp and then ditching it and fluting beautifully anyway, Huich for some extended violin, Malcolm for taking over piano and staying to help pack up. Ivan, Neil and Fermin for the best rhythm section we have had in ages, Calamatta and Will for a sweet saxophone section…


Great Rhythm Section – played all day

And Don (piano) who attempted anonymity to avoid adverse newsletter comment. As if. He last came on April 22nd 2015, also a week when the Captain was absent.. and played hot. Is a pattern emerging? We could consider a whip round as he clearly can’t afford a barber.

Going Home: We pulled stumps at 7.30, which required going round the room and apologising to diners and drinkers who had wandered in for the last stanza, but the rhythm section was truly knackered.

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