Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: The Restaurant Experiment works again

An enjoyable Jam: second week in the Bistro, wandered in somewhat late and the set up went smoothly again… leaving us ready to start by, ooh, maybe 15 minutes late. Steve Bray set up the percussion, Fermin came early and set up the amps, closely followed by Neil. Only two pianists all day (meself and Malcolm) and Huich, alternately spelt Guichi excelled again. But a fine sunny day in tropical Kew promised a good crowd, and so it was, although not as many as we had hoped. The day was enlivened by a coupla new and returning musos, as well as a smattering of locals – Ben Stewart all class on guitar,

Jazz anyone? We kicked off with a few instrumentals from the Captain Chaos chart books whilst the room filled up, and followed this up with singers Debbie, Carol, Jane and later on the lads, Brian and Kev, as well as the late Miss Smith who went all modern on us with interesting results. Bacharach with his trademark 6/4 bar stuck in the middle of a 4/4 tune threw the lot of us. Jane could have sung a few more, but her selection of swing tunes was the liveliest part of the afternoon. Carol gets better and better.

Drummers to follow Steve included Bill Swannie, John Perri and later on Andre… he seems to have improved and played a decent set.

Train wrecks: probably the pick of them was Misty, with which we all struggled with a choice of tempos and the occasional dropped bar, in a key which may not have been Debbie’s first choice. Ah well, they are always fun anyway.

The audience dropped off noticeably as the afternoon wore on and we ended on a quiet note (it may have been F#, but I had left by then, so I can’t be sure.)

Teaser of the week: Some interesting discussions on possible future developments – stay tuned and we will bring this to you in due course.

Halls Gap Festival this weekend, the Captain, Curtis, Annie Smith and Jeff Harris will be there, amongst other Jammers. So the B Team will be taking over next Sunday 28th October. Always assuming there is a B team and it turns up.

And if anyone wants to help set up, feel free to turn up a bit early – see ya Sunday?

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