Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel: The Restaurant Experiment: Dodgy Dave’s bright idea

Greeted Dodgy Dave at the door – no one in the bar setting up, the Captain De Chaos upstairs perhaps?. Turned out Dodgy Dave had decided we should try transferring to the restaurant. There ensued some interesting furniture re-arrangement. Steve Bray was up for setting up the drums, we put down the Mike Hirsh Formal Carpet, and then managed to put the speakers at the back, the piano at the side, the Behringer foldback upstairs thankfully, and no one got in anyone’s way. Could this layout be a goer? we asked ourselves, which was just as well as there was no-one else to ask yet.

As it transpired, the sound was way better, the room worked a treat, and we had around 18 musos and a bit of audience type peeps to enjoy an afternoon of what we laughingly refer to as “jazz”.

Nice one Dodgy D! He may even advertise dinner and jazz next week – we shall see.

Only complaint received was one muso missing the foldback. Obviously all the others listen to each other and did just fine. Props to Steve, nice work from the Hirsh, on his carpet for the first time. Smooth set from Carol. Floot from Jeff, mammoth stint from Ivan, then Anton took over bass. Sweet contribution from Guichi (violin) and a bunch of others. 

If ya missed it, tough – but we will encore this week.

 Halls Gap Festival coming up next week 27th October – click on the “Jazz Festivals” tab for details

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