Update on the Leinster Arms Hotel… cancelled

We have decided to cancel the “final bash” at the Leinster Arms Hotel. This would have required us to transfer all the gear to the Lunatic Soup Kitchen for lunch, play in the small bar as the Atrium is already booked, and then perform a mad dash to the Junk, set up all the gear again and be ready to start by 4.00pm. Ain’t going to happen.

Apologies to those of you who were proposing to go. Since opening at the Junk, very few people (none, actually) have said they miss the Gold Street Gossip Shop, so all reminiscences, scurrilous gossip and wildly exaggerated rumours have been transferred to the Junktion Hotel.


Captain Chaos, Laurie Savage and Peter Garam having fun at the
Leinster (Christmas 2016)

We played at the Leinster Arms Sheltered Workshop for over eight years, occasionally straying into an approximation of jazz, always getting in Glen’s way, and being too loud. It was kind of fun. Best wishes to Il Duce for his Sunbury venture.

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