Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel

Sunday started as cold as a mother in law’s kiss, with belts of rain driving all the way across town from Essendon, and a biting wind to boot. Surely even the Jammers would prefer to stay home…

And so it seemed when we had a decidedly quiet start, if such a thing were possible with JH blowing the tits off his tenor.. He soon smoothed it out and he and the Captain entertained with a selection of instrumentals.

It wasn’t until well past 5.00pm that the bar started to fill – we ended up with 26 musicians, notably including singer Carol., who at one stage was the only female in the room, Cardinal Calamatta who set the tone with some sweet sax, Ivan on a semi – cured knee, Alan Richards playing drums as well as ever, the Curtis, Malcolm 1st on keys, Bill and Matt on drums, Peter Garam, (piano man) for his first visit to the Junk, hopefully not his last, Fermin on some sweet solos, and Neil playing a million notes on guitar, beautifully, and a bunch of others. Later arrivals included Pony Tail Pete on bass, Ashley De Wangarratta, Kevin and Brian on honey-toned tonsils. The session started to jump. … At which point, I had to leave and drive back to Essendon in more rain.

This ended up the biggest turn out of musicians at the Junk so far.

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