Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel. Wot’s goin’on? – a goodly session

The sun, briefly shone on Sunday, and although we started with a little light chaos as the good Captain experimented with moving almost everything to a new position, once we got started, the joint soon filled up a little….

Mainly due to the Michelle Gigliotti rent a crowd (how many sisters has she got?) followed by the Simone and Jase social set, and quite a few others.

Following the customary instrumental opening, which featured the Captain and Red Hat Calamatta amongst others, and with Angie playing keys, Michelle got up, and, ably backed by bassist Kip on Tallulah the original electric bass, Bill restrained on drums, Neil playing great blues guitar licks, and meself resurrecting numbers I haven’t played for 23 years. She sang a sharp set of 6 songs in 32 minutes. The shorter bracket definitely works well.

Then the session went a little strange – it resumed with a rather noisy cameo from Katerina who was inaudible, and then, one by one, a total of 8 other singers got up, more than either the Captain or meself can ever remember at a Jam Session, and with plenty of scope for further contributions from Malcolm Mk 1 (organ??), Michael “sticks” Findlay, Bill, first timer Hussein and Matt Berg on drums, Mark on guitar, and the ever improving Will on sax and Keef on alto and clarinet. Special mention to Tom, who arrived with his stick bass and played with considerable aplomb for the rest of the evening, and to Chico (guitar) and Chris Lebon, who got in some late numbers.

Angie, Mark and Hussein combined with Will to produce a funky little set, and Simone confirmed that she is a gifted singer with a Billie Holliday “Feelin’Good” played without a chart amongst us. Methinks Keef and Will both have a great ear for this sort of thing. Then Jase got up and we just had fun which is fine by me.

We still haven’t got the format quite right, but will persist in doing our best to make sure everyone gets a go.

See ya Sunday?

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