Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel ça change, plus c’est pareil”. *

In truth this wasn’t the greatest session. Gentleman John Curtis opened the innings with a coupla cultured instrumental pieces in front of very few people. It filled up in time.. Thereafter, it got more jam session typical as the afternoon wore on. A smallish mob sat back and drank seemingly large quantities of social lubricant, so Dave the Boss was happy, but the featured singer session (Carol, Malcolm x 2 and PT Pete on bass) ran well over time, leading to some of the natives getting a little restless towards the end. Too many saxophone solos, obligatory (apparently) bass solos and drum solos, stretched it out.

Carol herself sang well – once warmed up, better than we thought likely, and she and Malcolm Mk 1 (piano) were very well rehearsed. Pete played some restrained bass, and drove things along nicely behind the singer, and Neil, on one of his 31 guitars, was, as usual the pick of them. Malcolm Mk 2 good on drums.

We still haven’t got the format quite right, but will persist in doing our best to make sure everyone gets a go. The coming week’s featured singer , Michelle Gigliotti will sing a shorter set, even if we have to temporarily shoot a coupla of the soloists.

Once Carol’s set was done, there were several singers lined up, as well as violinist, Huich Goh, piano player Cheolyn Ng from a few years back at the Leinster – a brief appearance by Katerina, Will and Vlad on vocals, sax and guitar, and newbie Simone in particular singing well , so it made good sense to bring back the instrumentals first, apparently.

* The more things change, the more they stay the same

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