Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … looking up

Winter weather… such fun, we had to get there early. Once we had set up the equipment, we had everything we needed, except

· An audience
· A POOL Table (well we had that, but we didn’t need it)
· Musicians… other than Neil, Sticks Findlay and a coupla others who completed the set-up..

Nevertheless, we started promptly, about 20 minutes late, just as a few more regulars, quite a lot actually, wandered in. Good opportunity for Carol to sing the opening stanza. Bit by bit, and Bette, the place started to fill up nicely, and in the end this was as big a session (numbers wise) as we have had so far at the Junk, with a gratifying number of locals dropping in to see what all the fuss was about.

The Captain’s stress levels were rising bit by bit, but by the end of the night, just about everyone (there were 24 musos) had got up and boogied a blast. Woo Hooo!

Singers: Carol, Annie, Vlad, Kevin and Brian
Saxophonies: The Captain, Jeff, Keef (the pick of them) and welcome back Will, who has clearly been practising. Tim on sax playing in a variety of keys.
Drummers Sticks Findlay, Bill, Malcolm, Chris, Matt
Guitarists Vlad, Neil,
Keyboard artistes: meself, Malcolm, and the unflappable John Curtis
Floot: Julian – nice one
Bass players: must be the first time two bass players called Anton have turned up within 5 minutes of each other, although only Anton of Glasshouse days played. Pete opened, Ivan the knee followed.

We tried to explain how the jam session worked to an Italian tourist, Frederico. My complete lack of Italian made no discernible difference, so we talked about Garibaldi instead.

A fine session, plenty of peeps, both musos and the other sorts. Things are looking up.

Music: the usual diverse selection of toons mangled and dispatched.

See ya Sunday?

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