Sunday Jazz at The Junktion Hotel … the dust settles and a quiet little drink

Wandered in just as the others were helping to set up the equipment from upstairs. Not so many peeps in attendance and we kicked off with a coupla spiffin instrumentals, in the vague hope that the practice would do us good… or a singer would turn up to put us out of our misery.

As it was, POCKOTL was one of the first through the door, so we gave up the vague hope, and set to with a vengeance. Whereupon a singer did turn up, Carol, , then Katerina, then the later Miss Smith, looking somewhat spiffin’ herself, and setting the tone with a distinguished take on the fiendishly difficult or devilishly simple I Wanna Be Around, depending on who you talk to.


Annie and Pete at the Junktion “I wanna be around”

Speaking of which, it seems that Madge from Altona West has, at last, worked out where the Junktion Hotel is. Way too far from the lonely merchant seamen who constitute an afternoon’s work for Madge, suitably equipped with half a Coolibah cask and a catering pack of Winnie Blues for restorative purposes.

Some of you may remember her memorable performances at The Strangled Parrot, before it burnt to the ground, got rebuilt and accidentally renamed as The Poisoned Ferret, for reasons that escape me, but I doubt it as this may or may not be entirely fictional. Not so for Hortense, who took rooms up stairs from where she could disapprove of things in comfort, whilst keeping an eye out for a possible fireman. In uniform. I wish she would put the eye back in.

But I digress… the afternoon was a splendidly relaxed affair, particularly for the good Captain, who had time to organise some neat changes, or wrangle the musos if you prefer. We played through between 45 and 50 tunes. Of which Ponytail Pete played bass 45 -50 times. Phew!

Props to Gentleman John Curtis, Malcolm (keys) Carol, Katerina, Miss Smith (vocals) Col, Keef, Jeff (sax) Matthew (flumpet), Sticks Findlay, Bill and Malcolm on drums, and Julian on floot. The guitar end of things was admirably held up by Neil, Vlad, and newcomer Mark; and if I have missed your name, it is because you were too young, good looking and talented to mention.

See ya Sunday?

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  1. Well, this lively little newsletter had me giggling to meself here in cold old Macedon it did… a great read indeed !!!


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