Meanwhile, The Junktion Hotel …

… survived the B team, although in truth, there were more people there than we expected, and Piers, Neil and I had a ball. Surprising number of newcomers turned up, and enjoyed lively sets, from Katerina and Carol, in particular, Brian pleading a sore throat; Shanelle (saxophone) possibly one of the youngest musos in a while, and doing okay once she found her feet; hope she comes again; regular Bruce propping up the bar, and one of two Kyoto students (jazz standards, good voice, hope they come again too) got up to sing. Piers indulged in a session at the drums, and sounded even better when I nipped up stairs and found the drum sticks.

As ever, the B team stepped up for the day – Neil was in blistering form, particularly early on; and hardly a jam session goes by without at least three members of any ensemble not having a clue where we were in the form – this session was no exception. Props to Piers, Neil, Katerina, Jess for helping to pack up.

Drummers, soloists? Pfft… who needs ’em…. although we were rather hoping you might be back this week!

Is the Junktion becoming a regular jazz venue over time? Will Hortense emerge from the shadows with loaded castanets and a bit of an attitude? Can Madge from Altona ever find the Junktion? Who knows – stay tuned…

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