The Junktion Hotel : so far, so good, and more to come

The three week trial has run its course – and has been outstandingly successful. 15 musos first week, 24 musos the next week, and for the third week, Sevil Sabah sang two short sets with her favourite quartet, (Tom Doublier, Doug Kuhn, Neil and meself) to an enthusiastic crowd of around fifty people, jammers and locals.. Of course, Dave the Boss had already said he would like us to continue, and with Castlemaine and Merimbula both on this week, it should all go pleasantly pear shaped from here on out…

Festivals draw a lot of the musos away, leaving the infamous B Team to generally step up a notch or six. Who will surprise us this year?

Props to the double bass players Doug Kuhn, Dave Taylor, Ivan and Piers, for adding a touch of class to proceedings these last three weeks. Anton, long time jammer, the first electric bass player at the Junktion Jam was terrific.

Jeff , the Captain and Keef provided the saxaphone contingent, Malcolm, meself and Trevor tickled the ivories, Neil and Fermin alternated on guitar, with Neil contributing an outstanding solo when Sevil sang You Are so Beautiful, and Sticks Findlay, Bill and Terry played drums.

Summary of Jam Session #3 was close to, if not the best, so far, with singers Sevil, Nurul, Manal, Carol and Annie the Smith all proving highly entertaining. The Bar gradually settled down thereafter, Kevin (v) and Tim ( tpt), and Susie provided a late cameo to round it off.

All of which prompted the Captain to suggest that we might continue with the “featured” singer every week. A bit of a tall order, given that we have to make sure that every one gets a fair go, that the singers have support from a rhythm section that cooks (it did, every time) And props to the soloists who have contributed some memorable solos in between, because that is what they do best.

Midweek Session: Astrid Sulaiman & Yuri Mahatma Jazz Quartet, accompanied by the ineffable Ade Ish, played a terrific midweek session at the Junktion, with many jam session regulars dipping in.

Will the Junktion become a regular jazz venue over time? Will Hortense emerge from the shadows with loaded castanets and a bit of an attitude? Can Madge from Altona ever find the Junktion? Who knows – stay tuned…

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