The Lunatic Lounge last Sunday

Class all the way, actually.. We opened with Fermin and Manal singing Girl From Ipanema, followed by Corcovado which featured a sensitive and exquisite saxophone solo from young (he tells me) Clark.

Youtube clip of Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto click here

There followed a lively instrumental set, opening with Yardbird Suite, followed by the politically correct version of Coming Home Baby, written by Ben Tucker, with covers by Herbie Mann and Mel Torme; followed by pubmeister Glen saying it was all too loud.

Youtube clip of Mel Torme singing Coming Home Baby click here

and a 1998 version by Herbie Mann click here

The standard had been set: the Captain maintained that it was down to him barely playing at all – I don’t think so. Contributions from Keef (clarinet) Julian (floot) Rick (Sir Roger’s oppo and some classy sax) Laurie on his baritone, Tim briefly on trumpet, Neil on guitar, Brian and Kev on tonsils, Manal again and the two indefatigables: Mike Hirsh on drums, and Ivan on double bass. They both swung hard all afternoon and really drove the session.

Malcolm got to the piano in the nick of time (I was exhausted) and fired up a lively blues set before settling down to Tenderly (1946, Gross and Lawrence)

At which point the Late Miss Smith arrived, and sang, amongst other gems, Two For the Road, written by Mancini in 2004

All in all, a splendid afternoon’s entertainment, with no more than the usual train wrecks in there somewhere for good measure.

From Charts to Chops
Lawrie produced an obscure chart for Keith Jarrett’s Memories of Tomorrow a couple of weeks ago. We played it in a weird hybrid tempo and it was generally held to be a reasonable trainwreck at the time. Laurie slightly improved it the next time, and he absolutely nailed it on the third go – it is always good to try new stuff and this tune deserves to become a regular inclusion in future jams. click here for a sax version

This was an exceptionally good session (please read it won’t reach this standard too often) and featured a wide range of tunes – bossa, blues, bebop ballads and swing, the return of Manal and Tim, absolutely no trainwrecks, and a tight rhythm section which made for an entertaining afternoon. Next week, we hope to see some new faces, remembering that the Jam is a great opportunity for beginners to develop their chops.

See ya Sunday?

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