The Leinster runs hot, and the film crew don’t get in the way

Film crew in attendance, and wandered in just as the session was getting started. Occasional drummer Mack in the chair, Jeff in fine form on saxaxphone, the Captain and Laurie in support, and Neil the imperturbable on guitar. Spiffin…until Coming Home Baby morphed from a swing tune to an indescribable soft rock, funk beat. We replaced the bass player as soon as possible, with U-Turn Ivan and the five string double bass.

The film crew managed not to get in anybody’s way, and hopefully got some useable footage. Later musos included Will (sax), Fermin (guitar) Nessrs Findlay and Bill on drums and Julian (Floot);, with Susie turning up for a warble, and Malcolm (piano) taking over the rhythm section duties. All the others were, as ever, too young talented and good looking to mention. Or I forgot, take your pick.

At which point the Late Miss Smith arrived, and sang, amongst other gems, a great version of But Beautiful.

All in all, a splendid afternoon’s entertainment, with no more than the usual train wrecks in there somewhere for good measure.

See ya next week?

The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, will be back on Sunday 13th May at 4.00pm.

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