Future Jam Sessions(part 3) The Friday Night Debacle and loads of fun…

The Captain loaded up his saxophone and music stands, in downtown Williamstown, drove to the Laughing Leinster and loaded up the piano, stand and bass amp, drove on to St Kilda and transferred all the above to the orchestral ute, along with PA, stands and speakers, and drove Miss K, and meself to West Beach Pavilion…which seemed ominously quiet. Turned out the management had neglected to go through with their agreement, closed early and neglected to tell anyone about it, Sticks Findlay had half unloaded the drum kit, and we had the ute partly unloaded of every thing else. Once the remnant staff, whose collective IQ would struggle to reach double figures, had explained that the management had left us and anyone coming in the proverbial lurch, the pin was rapidly pulled.

We called every one of the friends and musos who had let us know they were coming, and can be held responsible for the violent U-turn executed by Ivan; and apologise to anyone else who did turn up on a bitterly cold night to find the WBP closed.

We subsequently reloaded all the above, repaired to Chateau Emilton and unloaded everything, reloaded Col’s car and then drank whisky until we felt better.

Probably best left alone. If anyone wishes to post a comment, https://www.westbeachstkilda.com.au/, but keep yourself nice

So we are still looking for a suitable future venue for the Jammers. Patience, children!

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