Wow! That was a surprise

There was speculation a couple of weeks ago that the best jam sessions sometimes comprise a decidedly random set of musos. Last Sunday’s bash proved the point – no bass player all afternoon, a couple of very good piano players, (plus a couple more), no singers and the redoubtable (no I am not sure what that means either) Neil, Fermin and Vlad on guitars.

M Hirsh esq. provided the drum kit, much approved of by Michael “sticks” Findlay and then Bill, the happy slapper. Oh, and the aforementioned Mr Hirsh played rather well as well.

After a desultory opening stanza with Noel on sax (we had fun, but we were still warming up), saxophonists Laurie S and Captain Chaos were almost put in the shade by an emergent Will – his solo on Tune Up was a blinder, and this was the best version of this bebop standard that we have heard in years. Neil suddenly sparked up with a hot riff or six and the joint was rocking. Folker got up and despite perhaps confusing Kay on piano, played a solo to beyond the best of his ability, damn near winning the weekly prize for saxophone tone (see footnote).

Young Julian joined in on flute, as you do four years later.

Even Marg thrived in the role of audience. Rash promises (see footnote)

Good grief, it was a lively session

We might have expected a quieter session than last week’s F and G, although you never can tell. Props to the 15 musos.

See ya next week?

The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, will be back on Sunday 29th April at 4.00pm.



Footnote- Rash Promises: Rod and Bette de Singapore will be back in town, and I might have heard Marg promise that if they did not turn up at next week’s jam, she will dance on the tables as a diversion. You have been warned, and I can’t decide which option would be preferable. Both, probably

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