April starts with a whimper – NO JAM SESSION ON EASTER SUNDAY good lord!

I walked in to the Gold Street Gossip shop, bang on time, to be greeted by a fine selection of old friends – Marg and Mark Allen brung along a table or two, Steve Bray setting up his drums, Land lord Glen in jovial mood and a bunch of regular musos. Seems like the return to form of the jam of the previous week, and then some. Only thing lacking was a train wreck or two, but we can fix that later.

Solos: As promised, we concentrated on giving every muso the chance to blow the tits off their saxaphone or whatever, unhindered by too many cooks getting up at the same time, and we were rewarded with some fine solos from Noel, the Captain, Wes, Malcolm, Fermin, Neil, Steve, Bill and Pierce on double bass, even the Taariq on his best behaviour. Add to that, vocals from Chloe, Susie and Kevin. The standard of the music was unrecognisably good, as we don’t do that too often, and the audience responded with a degree of enthusiasm.

So you want to be a movie star? Caren Brand is proposing to make a short film on the jazz jammers in a few weeks’ time, and would like to interview some of the regulars, focussing on different jammers motivation in turning up; and I have promised her full access to the dirt file, including the time Marj danced on a table, clutching and earthenware pot until the wee small hours, and a fellow in a cap turned up early with his saxaphone to see if he was good enough to join in.

We probably won’t include Little Sunflower as that would require an interval.

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: still awaiting programme details, but copy and paste https://mailchi.mp/203565893440/castlemaine-jazz-festival-2018 to get to the website. 4 days, and the ticket prices are the same as last year.

... not at The Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 1st April, but we will definitely be back on Sunday 8th April at 4.00pm



Stick to the black notes – they are cheaper

For those needing an interim music fix: Castlemaine Jazz Jam, Maurocco Bar 2- 5pm Sunday 1st April.. Captain Chaos will be there.

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