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Last Sunday at the Leinster

Finally the jam is returning to normal after the Christmas break. Saxophonists galore (Jeff Harris (alto), John Calammata (tenor), Laurie Savage (bari) Aaron Rodriguez(alto) and yours Truly (tenor) ) and a plethora of singers (Debbie Woodruffe, Katarina Myskova, Kevin Rolfs, Daisie from Perth. Susie and Rose arrived too late to be able to sing). Steve Bray, Bill Swanee and Mike Hirsh expertly provided the underlying rhythms. Peter (bass) and Neil (guitar) played nonstop for three hours on their respective instruments. Keys were provided Malcom, Noel and Don. Richard would have played if he had not been late.

We were also delighted by the appearance of Ted Woollen after his significant health issues. His keyboards skills have not diminished as we heard when he backed both Katerina and Daisie for a few numbers. Thanks to Jason, Kerry and Katerina for your support in getting Ted to the Jam. We look forward to more appearances as he progresses on his road to recovery.

Not Your Usual Correspondent.

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