From The Leinster Arms

4th Feb 2018

A very small and faithful number of jammers turned up at the Leinster Arms Hotel on Sunday only to find not only no cymbals for the drum kit but no drummers. In an attempt to get some music started, the jam featured this scribe on piano , Pete on Bass, Neil on Guitar , Jeff and the Captain of Chaos on reeds, and Sir not appearing in this jam on Drums.

Others sighted on Sunday included: Laurie on baritone sax, Fermin also played guitar, Malcolm on keys, The Bespectacled warbler on vocals and later this scribe played the drums but not the cymbals on Chitlins con carne with one brush and one drumstick. Subsequently your correspondent was heard on bass. Eventually Glenn the publican called time on this almost noteworthy jam session.

Some of you may know that the venue, The Leinster Arms Hotel in Collingwood is closing /ending as we know it this spring 2018. The Jazz Jammers will have to find a new and supportive venue. Glenn told me that he and his wife are starting a new business with the same name in Sunbury. We all wish them good luck and good health for the future.

I would like to go on the record and thank Glenn , a long suffering but supportive man with a true interest in music, who has endured years of the good , bad and ugly in jazz jamming at his venue. The End of year Christmas Jams at his venue have been in particular most memorable.

Having stopped by at the Monday night Bar 303 jam and played a spot of jazz piano there ,one can say that there are other jam sessions out there on different days that are arguably of a higher standard, better organized and only through diligence will this Jazz Jam of some long running status continue in some shape and form.

So the hunt is on to find a new home for the Sunday Jazz Jam. If you know somewhere within 5 kms of the CBD that could be a suitable venue then do not remain silent about it.

On a more despondent note, long time Jazz jammer , Jazz Jammers online newsletter humourist, architect and local keyboard stalwart Mr. Ted Woollan is not in good health. His health has reportedly taken a turn for the worse and all of us as jazz jammers , guitarists, and human beings send our thoughts, prayers and best wishes to him and his near and dear ones at this time.

I may have locked horns with Ted a few times at the jams over 13 plus years, over matters of musical taste, what with me being from the Fusion / Be Bop/ Eric Dolphy on LSD/ Wigged out walking bass/Mahavishnu/multi-instrumentalist freaker school of jazz and he being a kind of pre Dixie Land/ Cole Porter era kind of guy but ultimately one remains magnanimous towards.

We come from nothing and we go back to nothing. What have we lost? Nothing! A quote from Monty Python.

Taariq Hassan

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  1. Thank you Taariq for the lovely homage paid to our Ted, also for holding the fort over the years in keeping the jams going both musically and journalistically – you’re a champ!


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