Jam Sunday 29th Nov from Taariq

What with a large contingent of usual jazz Jammers away at the Grampians Jazz Festival (and possibly also away with the fairies) the army reserve B Team, straight out of a B movie, stood in and ensured that the show must go on at the Leinster Arms Hotel on Sunday.

Such was the low turnout that after Terry sat in on drums, with this scribe on electric bass and then a lengthy stint on piano, Ivan came to the rescue on Double Bass and your humble correspondent even had a chance to brush up on the drums ( yes a drumming pun).

Fermin and Neil rotated on guitar and newcomer Craig also joined in on guitar on songs such as “Milestones”.

Glenn the Publican sat in on drums including a fast version of “Just Friends”.

Malcolm had a very good turn on the piano / organ and with no singers or quasi vocalists present, the resilient Laurie on Baritone Sax, convalescing from health issues, took the B team through “Morning”, a Latin Jazz Tune that seemed to be endless.

Noel on Sax tried to insist on playing a different chart with a different notated head to the ones we were using from my song books, but Ivan and I would not hear of it.

We already had mangled some tunes all equipped with the same charts and inviting a disaster was not to be contemplated nor countenanced.

Peter came along with his Saxophone and took the B team through the ¾ tempo tune of “Alice in wonderland”.

Other songs that were disfigured to the silent applause of the empty tables and chairs included: ”In a Sentimental Mood” ; “Meditation” and “My Little red Book” which was completed with a tight cha cha chaa ending with your reporter on drums.

Finally the jam was drawn to an early conclusion with a version of “Watermelon Man”.

It was time to pack up and go home and eat something and watch another You Tube video of people climbing up and then skiing down :-0 Muztagh Ata Peak (7,546 M) in Far Western China and then go to bed.

Next weekend I will be scrambling across the ‘Cross Cut Saw’ in the Vic. Alps in possibly wet or snowy conditions and someone else will have to try orchestrate the chaos of the Jam and write a report as well.

CT Hassan

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